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Top 3 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love Being a Virtual Assistant.

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Being a VA has stressful moments, for sure, but overall I absolutely love what I do! Although there are many more reasons than just 3, today I would like to share with you my top 3 reasons why I love being a Virtual Assistant.

#1 Reason I love being a Virtual Assistant

I get to work from home

Being able work from home means I am able to be available for my family. I love being a Virtual Assistant because I can work from the comfort of my own office right here in my home. I also can set my own hours. Being a mother of 8 children, it is important to me that I am available for my family. If one of my children comes home from school sick, I am right here. If my senior in high school has a function in the middle of the day that I need to help her with, I am right here. If my kindergartener has a field trip, I am free to go along with the class. I love the fact that my life can revolve around my family rather than my career.

These are actually 8 reasons why I love being a Virtual Assistant
These are actually the 8 most important reasons why I love being a Virtual Assistant

#2 Reason I love being a Virtual Assistant

I get to express my creativity and utilize my gifts.

I have always loved three things, writing, making things aesthetically pleasing, and computer work. For many years before becoming a VA I blogged, wrote ebooks and enjoyed copywriting. I also have many sales and marketing skills that believe it or not, I actually enjoy. Now with my Virtual Assistant work, I get to express that creativity and utilize those gifts while helping others. I strategize my clients' online presence to help them upscale their business. I get to craft beautiful landing pages, social media graphics and create blog posts for these amazing entrepreneurs. It's lovely when someone can enjoy their work, and I certainly do.

why I love being a Virtual Assistant

#3 Reason I love being a Virtual Assistant

I love to please.

Yes, by nature I am a people pleaser and knowing that I have gone above and beyond to make my client happy is so fulfilling. I thrive on serving others and seeing their businesses scale because of my work. This is a reward in and of itself. If my client succeeds then, I am a success. To be able to use my skills and strategies to help their business grow and see the results is tremendously satisfying.

why I love being a virtual assistant is serving others

So those are my top 3 reasons why I absolutely love being a Virtual Assistant. I could list many, many more but those rank the highest for me.

Are you interested in becoming a VA? I would love to talk with you.

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