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5 Signs It Might Be Time For Your Business To Utilize A Virtual Assistant.

Whether you are a paper and pen kinda person, or a digital expert, we all can agree that the virtual world is looming larger than ever. Technology allows us to communicate globally in a way never possible before. This is allowing for more and more business owners to get away from the brick and mortar office buildings and rely on home executives and freelancers such a virtual assistants to help with the smooth running of their businesses. This can be a win/win situation for everyone.

How has technology changed things? Home executives such as virtual assistants can experience freedom in a way that they could not before. They can run their homes and be with their families while still bringing in solid income from home. They can use their skills and expertise to support entrepreneurs and small businesses all within the comfort of their own environment. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can have a team of assistants, be it one or several, assuring the smooth running of their businesses. These business owners, do not have to provide benefits for their assistants, nor have the overhead that the office of yesterday had. Because of these benefits, Virtual Assistants and the relationships between Executives and Assistants are flourishing.

But, the question one might have is, how do you know when it is time to make that jump from sole business owner, to hiring out for assistance? Here are 5 tell-tale signs it is time for your to consider hiring a virtual assistant.

1. You are just starting out as a new business owner.

Many virtual assistants are skilled in branding your business online, social media marketing, and new business launch. Having a skilled VA who is savvy in these things can make or break a business. You have the fantastic skills, ideas and vision. Your VA's have the practical how-to for applying it. Are you just launching? Make sure that you have the strategies in place for the best success in your launch by letting your VA manage and assist from the very beginning.

2. Your business is struggling.

Perhaps your business has been around for awhile and you are afraid to take that next step in hiring out some of your business tasks. Should you spend the outlay to get help? Consider this, hiring a VA could literally be the change your business needs. A VA can bring a fresh perspective, give marketing advice, organizational skills and that boost of extra professionalism that could launch your business to the next level. Let an experienced Virtual Assistant come onboard to assist you with what is needed to skyrocket your business.

3. Your business is booming.

You have an amazing business that is thriving. You do not need assistance with it's launch; you need assistance with it's management. There are many tasks that a VA can take off your hands so that you can be freed up to do the things you do best as CEO. Why spend the time organizing your emails or keeping your social media advertisements going, when you can be masterminding furthering your business. Why manage your website when you could be spending more time with your family? Let an experienced VA handle the busywork and administrative tasks while you do that which only you can do.

4. You don't have enough time.

Let's face it, there are only so many hours in the day. There are loads of things that a quality assistant can relieve you from. Perhaps there are many business items that are simply not your favorite thing to do. Outsource them to your VA. Perhaps there are things that you are just not skilled at for your business? Outsource them to your VA. Perhaps you just want to be able to make more of your child's little league games. Outsourcing to your VA can free your time up in many ways.

5. You are losing the joy in your business.

Whether you are feeling stressed because you have lost that work/life balance, you are so busy you can hardly take a moment to breathe, or you are feeling like you are spinning your wheels a VA can help. As the business owner you are passionate about your vision. You should never lose this. But, many times the day to day grind can bring you down. You can lose that joy you had when you first started. Having a skilled assistant can make all the difference in being able to enjoy your business again.

A good VA will share your passion and fuel it with vision. A good VA will assist you in running with your goals as they become your "other you."

I hope these 5 points will help you to know if it is time for you to add a virtual assistant to your business. Be sure that your VA is skilled and has the proper qualifications to make your opportunities soar. Here at Concordia Virtual we are committed to this integrity and excellence. Contact us for more information.

Jenny is the wife of Steve and Mama to 8 children. She runs Concordia Virtual and enjoys bringing harmony to entrepreneur's businesses and homes.

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