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3 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest for Your Business

We all know that Social Media Marketing is important to our businesses. We live in an online world and long gone are the days of placing ads in the papers as our main advertisement. But when thinking of Social Media, many times Pinterest is much neglected as the powerful tool that it is. Today I would like to give you 3 major reason why you need Pinterest for your business.

When I first considered using Pinterest for my business a few years ago I was quite overwhelmed by it. I didn't know how it could apply to me unless I did recipes or something crafty, which is more of what Pinterest first became known for years ago. It baffled me how I could use it to help my business. Now, a few years later, I believe EVERY business should be using Pinterest.

Whether you are a car dealership owner or a mom blogger, whether you sell items on Etsy or have a local coffee shop, Pinterest should be part of your social media marketing strategy.

Here are three reasons why you need Pinterest for your business.

1. Pinterest is a Search Engine

The first reason that you need Pinterest for your business is that Pinterest has become a major search engine. Many people are going to Pinterest when they have something they want to look up very much like they would google an item.

Here are a few examples.

Want a recipe for gluten free brownies? A quick search on Pinterest will pop up the board that Aunt Sally made for her favorite gluten free recipes. Need an idea for painting your little boy's room? Typing in "little boy room decor" will bring up loads of creativity faster than you can say Sherwin Williams. Wondering which restaurant to use for your Whole 30 meal plan? Searching Pinterest will bring up your Whole 30's group and within that they have a whole board of their favorite restaurants.

2. A Picture is worth a thousand words.

We are a very image oriented society. A well-done Pinterest graphic that is tastefully created to catch the eye is very powerful. The choice of colors and fonts you use on your graphic tell a story, create a mood and attract your audience. Do you offer something to ease the mind, relax the body or encourage the soul? A calmer, more subdued pin with subtle colors will be important. Is your audience into working out and sports activities? Bolder brighter contracts to energize and bring a sense of anticipation will be in order. Working with children? A playful look with fun colors could be better for your pinning. Make sure that your pin branding is appropriate to your business. But, beware of making your pins too busy. A catchy title with professional looking photo in a simple manner is very appealing to the eye. This is where your virtual assistant can come in. They can assist you in creating that brand and extra bit of professionalism.

3. Pinning on Pinterest brings lots of referrals - for a long time.

Because using Pinterest is equated with relaxation and free time, people tend to look at Pinterest like visiting their neighbor over the back fence. They will share blogs they love, deals they got yesterday and their favorite bargain at the pet store this morning. Pinterest is really just second to Facebook in referrals so not utilizing this social media would be a shame. When your prospective client is on Pinterest and sees something they like they will not only refer it directly at the time, but they will add it to a board of theirs which many others can see over the course of months and yes even years.

I hope that just these 3 reasons I have given you have convinced you that you need Pinterest for your business. There are so many more reasons but my hope is that just this tiny snapshot has opened the door into the world of Pinterest for you.

In closing, I would be amiss if I did not give a caution. There is a strategy to making your Pinterest account work for you. If you are just setting up an account and randomly pinning and sharing, do not expect great results. It is important to follow the steps that other businesses have used to create their massive growth through this venue. Knowing your keywords, utilizing tribes and having a plan in place for your Pinterest exposure and growth is essential. This is where a Virtual Assistant that is skilled in Pinterest as a social marketing tool can come in. Concordia Virtual Assistance would be happy to share our expertise with you. Contact us for more info!

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